Rockville Hills

Rockville Hills is a regional park located in Fairfield, California. The park is quite aptly named, as the Sonoma Volcanics that underlie the region provide an abundance of basalt and tuff rock as a trail surface.  It is a feast of quite technical trails, with some areas consisting of rough rock surface under open oak woods, and other areas opening up into slickrock-ish moonscapes. There are may drop-ins and rocky chutes, as well as a nice rock garden section and some nice off camber singletrack. I was quite lucky in that Pete Fagerlin joined me for a ride out there and guided me through the maze. Pete is the consummate mountain biker, he combines a passion for the sport with a devotion to protecting the trails and the environment around them. We stopped a few times to patch up bogus lines, and Pete made sure we didn't squish any of the little baby frog by the lake.  Oh and BTW, Pete is an amazing rider. He dropped into everything and made it look easy.

The Blur guiding me through, stellar photo courtesy of Pete.

Not so stellar photo of Pete descending a tasty little technical section under a grove of Manzanitas.

A map can be found here.


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