The Womble Trail
Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas
April, 2003

What is a Womble? I still don't really know. But the Womble Trail is 37 mile point to point trail in the Ouachita Mountains. Fast and smooth, and eminently singlespeedable, the trail winds through pine and oak forest.

Flower child.

A trailside confab

Flower Child 2.

"I will carve trail, and I will carve trail all day, and no one can stop me and if they try to I will mock them, for I am one by one and F.U.S.S.Y. compliant."

JP with oddly normal elbows.

"No, that's OK, my arm is broken in two places, but we can keep riding..."

Uncle Larry

The Boy

"Thank God I'm finally off the trail, now I'm gonna take me a cut at one o' them bossys"


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