Alderfer/3 Sisters

I had a quick and nice singlespeed romp at Alderfer yesterday. That place is like one of those sets from 80s sitcoms where the characters went camping. Open pine forest, granite boulders scattered here and there, squirrels, deer and birds all digging on "where the wild things are".  I swear I was looking for the edges of the sound stage.

It rained, ever so slightly as i pulled into the lot, so i listened to bit more of Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" until the sun peeked out. I suited up and took off, into that magical brand of light where it's still raining, but late afternoon rays are shining below the clouds. The trails were perfect. Not at all muddy. And soon the sun came all the way out and the precipitation was forgotten.

The trail is very singlespeedable, even with my 2:1 gear ratio left over from Texas. Additionally, the trail was F.U.S.S.Y. enhanced. As with pretty much every ride I've found out here, it starts with a protracted climb, but many of the grades are gradual enough that I was able to enjoy that most elusive of SS joys: seated momentum climbing!

I made all of the switchbacks, some just barely. The aspens got better and better as I climbed. Once at the top I got to soak up a nice long descent. 29inch wheels steamrollered through quite nicely.

Then across the road for the Three Sisters and a Brother. Nice trail, but not enough of it! There were a few non-singlespeedable sections, but overall it was quite fun. And descending the switchbacks required some hopping skillz which I was gratified to see that I had with me that day.

UPDATE: May, '04.

This has turned into one of my favorite rides on the front range. It's just pleasant, and has some nice technical sections, and a decent enough climb.

Here's a few recent photos from the area.

(I forgot to mention the view from the top)



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