This is the claassic, Durango, "it's winter, and snowy, but I wanna ride my bike" ride.  A short 40 minutes south, but a world away in terms of terrain and topography. The Alien Run is just outside of Aztec, New Mexico.  Supposedly back in the fifties a UFO crashed here and the government moved in and cleaned it all up and hauled it away and erased everyone's memories. There used to be a plaque out in the trail that told the story of the crash and the government cover up, unfortunately someone elected to steal it, thus depriving the rest of us of a nice bit of Western Americana Cheeziness.

Luckily the trail is quite enjoyable and engaging in it's own right.

An auspicious beginning.

Trail blazes.

An apparition in the desert.

There's a rider in there somewhere...


Copyright Estate of Anthony Vail Sloan 2009