So it has been a whirlwind two months of traveling. The itinerary went something like:
Mid Aug, drive from Denver to Santa Cruz, and back. Take numerous trips within Colorado for a month. Drive From Denver to Austin, fly from Austin to Denver, stay in Denver for approximately 18 hours, fly from Denver to Las Vegas, stay there a week. Fly back to Denver, stay there a day, fly to Austin to get the truck (remember the truck?) drive that back to Denver.

Once safely ensconced back at home in Denver, I am greeted by this:


First snow of the season, and it sent me packing westward to the warm embrace of the deserts of the Western Slope of Colorado. 3 trails, two days, not a bad stab. Loveland had lifts running when we drove by, but it is prime time for GJ, Fruita, Moab and...other places. We must not be distracted by early season avalanche makers.

 First up, the New Holy Cross trail out at Tabby, aka Lunch Loops, v.i.z. nice techy riding.


 Big wheels keep on rolling.



 That there guy was our host. Chef, gentleman, philosopher. Friend to small woodland creatures, responsible rebel and all around good egg.

 Big y small. We passed a guy on a turquoise 575 and a bystander said something to the effect of "look at these guys, they must be employees." Nope, they are just nice bikes.



 After a hearty helping of lunch loops nourishment, we decided it would be civilized and prudent to whip up a quick dessert of Ribbon Shuttle.

 Motto: "Mind yonder ledge, live to cook another day."

 Chaz just above "Don't stuff your wheel into that gap" gap.

 Fade out, Pablo's Pizza. Red Truck, Farmer's Friend.

 Fade up to:

 An Absa-gosh-darned-lutely perfect day out at the Koko loops.





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