Another Moab layover. I was due to get into Fruita on Wed. evening, so I decided to hang around Moab for the morning and do THAT ride again. In retrospect it was a mistake. It felt great to get back on the bike on Amasa, but the ol' elbow was feeling a bit grumbly about it all. Porcupine proved to be a tad too juddery for comfort. I ended up having to roll down the trail a bit slower than I'm used to, which made me a bit grumpy.
On the plus side I did get to admire and fondle my new button.

Sooooooo we bopped back into Colorado and set about setting up shop for the Fat Tire Festival in Fruita. Another lap through a car wash to spruce up the rig. Some bike tuning. (OK, A lot of bike tuning) A bit of email catch up and office stuff.
Oh, and a Ribbon ride.

We ran across the Transition crew and Joel.

darn those fat tire festival crowds.

can you hear me now?

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