So a passel of tribe attendees were headed over to Moab for a few days of riding after the gathering. I figgered it would be rude not to join them so Grendel and I pointed west and staged up what could be a perfect Moab Day:
We took the first shuttle out of Poison Spider and had us some Koko Down/Porky's satisfaction.

More blooms were to be seen here behind the Zion Curtain.

This one sort of sums up the whole reason why I go mountain biking:

More Leeeeeezards too:

Rollin' down the last few miles of singletrack. It went much better than the last time I was riding that, a few weeks ago right after I opened up me elbow.

So how to cap off a perfect ride?
Head up Mill Creek for a swim. There were dogs. There were beers. A good Moab day indeed.

If there were a Zoo exhibit on Laborador Retrievers, it might look like this:

Thanks for inviting me along for the post-fest-festivities. It was a darn fine day!

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