McDowell Mountain.  Arizona in spring. 'Tis green and verdelicious out here. We had a coupla good demos and then went out for some product testing/appreciation sessions.

OoooOooo, new bike.

Almost lost the dog last night. We came out of dinner and I let Grendel out of the back of the truck for a little run around and he sniffled around and headed for an empty lot. I heard a funny whuffing noise and looked up and he was in a nose to nose Mexican standoff with a pack of 5 javelinas. All six animals were standing absolutely still and growling or whuffing. I hollered at him and Grendel turned tail and went right back into the truck. It is good to have a good dog. Them ginsu pigs would have dismantled him in an almighty hurry. There wouldn't have been enough of him left to carbon 14 date.

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