So the last official day of the '08 Thaw Fest in Scenic and Festive Moab, Utah was the Donut Ride at Sovereign. We headed out at the pleasantly sane hour of 10 and by 10:30 we were set up for bidness. The trailer pretty much got emptied. So we set out, into the desert goodness. The weather was great, there was a tad of mud on the trail, but nothing that some judicious hike-a-bike wouldn't settle. And it was a fantastic day.

Once safely ensconced back at the trailhead, we set about to that postride thing. We provided beer in plenty. The rest fell into place. It was nice to hang out with new friends and old.

It a little bit like Easter Island and a little bit like Max Headroom.

(yes, none of his paws are touching the ground. This kinda thing just happens in Moab.)

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