Xmas, '07: Merry, Merry, Pigs.

This year I decided to remove my self from the chuff and clang of the holiday season. I figured it would be nice to get one last desert fix in before the year winds down.
And there were some places I needed to see again.
I stopped in at West Fork and saw Billy. Things are going well at Paradise Hot Springs. I walked into his cabin and he told me that I missed meeting his houseguest by 15 minutes.
Christiane Amanpour, She's a gal who gets around.
What to do on Christmas Eve? It is 5 degrees out, and there is a pretty darned full moon. Hmm, and I seem to have inadvertently absconded with a tripod. Expose yourself.


Defensible position? You betcha.

Hexagons, it is all about hexagons.

Looking back. We do things in layers out here.

I headed back out the front door and upcanyon. There was something else that needed checking on.

(more hexagons)

Yep, the roof is still holding.

The last inhabitants checked out at around A.D. 800. And lessee here, there has been...hmmm...exactly zero human intervention since then. Not bad, not bad.

Old growth.

Mission Accomplished, for now. Time to head back across coloraddy.

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