So Sun Valley, Idaho was the next stop on the Pro-Leisure Tour. I had long heard of the buff-flowy goodness that lurks there and was eager to have some for myself. I rolled into town on Friday afternoon and headed to Smith to ride with some of the crew there. They took me out for the Fox-Chocolate ride, which was lovely.

I then went out to find a campsite, gab a well earned burger and beer at Lefty's and sleep the sleep of the just.
The next day I reported to work (Yes, I do work, thank you very much!) For a demo out at Greenhorn Gulch. It was a fun morning of getting people set on bikes and seeing big grins come rolling back to the trailhead. Grendel was his usual helpful self. After all bikes were back and stowed, I went for a little spin myself.

Up Greenhorn Gulch to take advantage of the shade, and then back down Imperial, which was merely stunning.

Isn't this the implicit promise of mountain biking?

Views of the Pioneer Range dominated the descent.

After that pleasant spin I drove down to the Big Wood River and went for a swim with Grendel, from there we proceeded out to the Idaho State Short track finals, just west of Hailey. Pics from that soon, but suffice to say, it was a great grass rootsy event, with everything from kids races to hotly contested adult races. And an awards ceremony afterwards. Good living in the valley.

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