Meanwhile, up in the mountains...

The aliens have landed.

Ahhhh Keystone. So much to do here. why oh why do I only seem to get up here once or twice a year?

I made good friends with the bike today. And rode non-stop from 9 until 4:30. Good stuff.

Spent the day with my New Mexican friends. (Are you a New Mexican, or a New Mexi-CAN'T?)
AND, as an added bonus ran into Mike from Arizona who is rolling through on the Pro-Leisure Tour.

Chris, Making it look easy. As usual.

Dude rode up the lift with the AS-R 7. Everytime I looked back he was staring at it. The whole way up.

Paula rocking the woodwork.

The corkscrew. I never managed to get a photo of anyone on it. Chris got one of me on it. Mebbe he'll post it.
Good stuff, again. Tomorrow we X us some C.

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