Last day of the holiday weekend. Up to the top of Vail Pass for a run down Bowman's/Two Elk.  After spinning out a shuttle, some more climbing.

Was it just yesterday the we did Lenawee?

Again, the effort was rewarded, amply.

Two Elk has a smorgasbord of descent types. From the steep, dark and rooty, to the wide open flowy, to rocky, follow-the-creekbed, goodness.

It was a joy just to be out there. Riding amazing trails with dear friends. Life on the road this summer was good, but it kept me away from my peeps. So as the trail wound down towards the shuttle vehicles, if found myself wanting to prolong the moment, to savor the experience, to stick my foot in the door and prevent it from shutting completely.

But all good things must end...or maybe they just devolve into Post-Ride, which is its own pleasant entity.

Collected Grendel from the condo, had a wonderful hot tub soak, and drove home over Loveland Pass.

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