Valparaíso, or Valpo for short.

Valparaíso.  It is a city that pours down hills to the sea. And everywhere there is art. Art galleries, and murals, and mosaics, and graffiti. Valparaíso as a city walks the fine line between decay and patina, and the abundant art that is found everywhere throughout the city is right on the edge of art vs. graffiti.

I'm sure there are all sorts of "must see" sights here, but what I did was wander at random, walking around the twisting streets with the camera.

When I arrived in town it was overcast and grey. The next day the sun came out for a bit, which completely changed the look and feel of the city.

One could easily make a day of riding the funiculars here. I got into a pattern of riding them up, then wandering back downhill, find the next one, ride it up, and walk back down again.

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