This was day 2.5 of the MTBR Rocky Mountain High Gathering.  People came from across the American West. There were a good number of Colorodoans, but decent representation from Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Kansas, California and probably several other places I'm forgetting. It was a pleasure to meet folks from so many different places and it was interesting to see all of the different styles of bike.  It definitely underscores the notion that there is not one "best" bike.  Folks brought all sorts of different tools for the job.

And where, you may ask, are we?  We started perched atop Vail Pass (elevation: 10,666) The trail drops into the back bowls of Vail after climbing up to just above 12,000 feet.  As you will see, there were several markedly different section.  Steep, krummholz barrier singletrack. High tundra meadows. Deep woodsy sections. Wide open meadow descents. And rocky, riparian, creekside fun.

This was roll out, perhaps a third of the group is represented here.

Though this was a shuttle ride, it started with a dirt road climb.

This is Randall. Trail dog extraordanaire.

Note: Woman rides, Men walk.

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