Early October, aspens just past their prime. I met up with Jody, the Singletrack Pig and JasonB at the safeway in Conifer and we headed west. We arrived to an empty parking lot and set out. Just two days earlier the aspens were peaking, but high winds had blown away much of the color. Still, it was quite nice.

The ride is all singletrack. All Singletrack. This means no doubletrack. No jeep roads. Certainly no pavement.

All Singletrack.

The Singletrack Pig, in his element.

Looking down into South Park.

A little sequence of Jason on the carpet o' gold.

A particulalrly fine specimen of Krummholz signalling our emergence from treeline.

Looking down from the crest of Georgia Pass, toward Breckenridge. There was beer down there, but a helluva climb back out.

Kenosha Pass, part 2

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