Rocky Mountain High '08

The annual gathering, which takes place...somewhere in Colorado.

This year it was Durango, for no other reason other than I wanted to got there, so I volunteered to "organize" the event.  As luck would have it, work completely somersaulted and conspired to create the week (s) form hell. It all started with getting the '09 fleet together and working, then we had two days of open house  for our dealers to swing by the factory, see the new stuff, take a tour and go for a ride. The minute the ride was done on Wednesday, I packed up the trailer and prepared to head off west first thing the next morning. Destination: Durango,  Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas and finally, New Mexico.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Durango. Lovely in the late summer. Aspens still green, but a dusting of snow up high.

The first ride was a jaunt though Horse Gulch, a handful of locals showed us around and everyone had a fine time.

The above is relevant to the whole weekend. Trails 2000 did a fantastic job in Horse Gulch, creating a vast network of very bike friendly and sustainable trails. Bill now lives in Golden and is the director of the Colorado Trail Foundation. The next two days we rode two fantastic sections of the CT.  Thanks Bill.

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