"It's Tuesday...people WORK on Tuesday"

 I have to admit to entering into the South Boundary Trail with a little bit of trepidation...doubt...fear. All reports indicated that the trail was still under snow, and muddy, and choked with deadfall. and even if i surmounted those obstacles, I was almost guaranteed to spend an hour or so lost on the tangle of forest service roads at the 9 mile mark.

 All of that proved to be wrong, wrong, wrong. The trail was in perfect shape. No snow, no mud. Only about four or five bits of deadfall. And we never took a wrong turn.

164, this is your mantra.

The trail starts out, as most do, with a climb. In the grand scheme of things, it is fairly gentle. And considering that you only put in about 900 feet of climbing before you descend for 3k, its even better.

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