Sovereign Trail, Moab, Utah

A new addition to the Moab pantheon, the Sovereign Trail was created in 2003 and provides Moab with some relatively rare singletrack. Though it is quite new, I think it will quickly gain fame commensurate to it’s more notorious brethren (Amasa Back, Poison Spider, Porky’s, et ales) While perhaps not as “epic” or “gonzo” feeling as Porky’s and the like, Sovereign is able to sit at the same table because it smugly, quietly offers up singletrack. Like the bespectacled geek at the poker table who primly lays down a royal flush over everyone else's hand. This is not a stringing together of old jeep roads, but true singletrack. And quite tasty, slightly techy singletrack at that. We put in at Willow Springs road, did a six mile out to a huge slickrock playground, goofed there for a bit, and rode the same fun singletrack backwards to the truck. There are a number of ways to tackle this trail. We chose a Willow Springs enrty on the advice of a Poison Spider shoppie who warned of sandy sections at the southern and northern terminii of the trail.

Some pics of me can be found here.

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