Bone stock with the exception of an aftermarket stereo, a Westin Safari bar, PIAA lights and the roof rack of the Nibelungen.

The road to Real de Catorce, Mexico, June, 2002

Alpine Loop, outside of Ouray, Colorado, May, 2002

Monument Valley, Utah, July, 2002

Big Bend National Park, Texas, February, 2002

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, June 2002

Near Big Sur, California, October, 2002


Mt. Tamalpais, California, Hallowe'en, 2002

1-10, west of Palm Springs, California, November 2002

Northern New Mexico, January 2003

Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma April, 2003

Molas Pass, Colorado, May 2003

San Luis Potosi, Mexico, June 2003

Moving to Colorado, Sept. 16, 2003

Guenella Pass, Sept., 2003

Burr Trail, Utah, October, 2003

Muley Twist, Capitol Reef National Park, October, 2003

Lookout Mountain, Colorado, Hallowe'en, 2003

Willow Springs Road, Moab, Utah, November, 2003

Vail Pass, Colorado, November, 2003

Mary Jane Mountain, Colorado, December, 2003

Berthoud Pass, Colorado, January, 2004

Moab, Utah, February, 2004

Genesee, Colorado, April, 2004

Near Silver Dollar Lake, Colorado, May, 2004

Mount Evans, Colorado, June, 2004

18 road, Fruita, Colorado, November, 2004

Somewhere along US 50, Nevada, February, 2005

Union Square, San Francisco, California, February, 2005

Above Rabbit Ears Pass, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, July, 2005

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, July, 2005

Teton Valley, Idaho, July, 2005

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