So where were we?
Ah, desert. Flowers. Yup

It all seems like so long ago. With nothing but the purest of intentions I headed towards AZ from Texas to set the attendees of the Arizona Spring Fling up on some demo bikes. Maybe drink a beer or two. Throw the frisbee for the dog. &c., &c.
The first stop was Tucson, which I ambled into on a variety of delightfully circuitous roads in southeastern AZ. Grendel and I arrived in good order at the trailhead for the 50 Year Trail, a little ways north of town.
We saw Thane, and Tica there. Thane is the Rocky Mountain demo guy, Tica playing the role of the loyal and trustworthy dog.
We got folks suited up and hit the trail.

Chad, our leader.

The 50 Year was a delightful ride. A little bit of everything out there.

It all went so well. We finished up the ride, pryed open the beer cooler. Threw the ball for the dog. Joe and I then headed up to Phoenix for a Grand Opening of the new DNA store in Scottsdale. We had dinner at Gordon Biersch and watched the cougars all converge on the watering hole at sunset. It was all working out... for the moment.

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