So we woke up rested and refreshed and wandered down into dreamland. East out of Tonopah to Warm Springs, then southeast on 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway.

This is mind boggling country. It is probably pretty boring to a lot of people, but the long stretches of ruler-straight road that leapfrog you across the mountain ranges are compelling. 30 miles by the odometer,and not another soul out there. I would just let off the gas and allow the rig to coast to a gentle stop. And get out, leaving the truck and trailer straddling the yellow line.

Led Zeppelin. Mojo Nixon. Black Keys. Beethoven's 7th.

We stopped in Rachel to snap a few touron pics.

Hopped back into Utah, looked longingly towards Gooseberry and Thunder Mountain, but headed up to Moab to get back on the horse.

Amasa Back on the new toy. it was...excellent.

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