Today I wanted to hit something that felt new, grand and different. Grendel insisted on going along so we loaded up the family truckster and chugged up to Georgetown. Just about a half hour away from the house.

It is a highly improbable trail. Perched on the edge of a cliff high above the Clear Creek drainage. From the name of the trail and all of the mine shafts along the route, I'd guess this trail started life as a mining road, but now it has devolved into singletrack, with great views, a few techish places and heaps of exposure.

Grendel found the whole enterprise to be highly enjoyable.

We spent a little bit of time goofing around in the old mine shafts. He wanted to pretend he was a monster.

A view of Empire, CO not often seen.

Another mine shaft. Note dog for scale.

End of the trail, dog and tail taking in view of tailings.

One of the things I like about living here is that there always seems to be a trail that I haven't yet ridden

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