A series of fairly random images from a week's worth of wanderings around Southern California. I was muchly working, but found time to take a few snapshots.

Santa Barbara.

And the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Lots of memories here. I don't know if we came here a lot when i was a kid, or if we just came here once or twice and the memories are especially vivid. Founded by the iconic and prolific Father Junipero Serra in 1776. The Great Stone Church was completed in 1806, but only stood for 6 years. In 1812 a major earthquake rocked most of Southern California, leaving the church in ruins.

It is a peaceful place to amble around. A nice respite from freeways and trucks and trailers.

And then, eastward. Away from the ocean and across the desert to Calico.

Yes, a building made of bottles.

A touristy little ghost town, but stil worth a stop.

And to think, I had Las Vegas to look forward to....

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