It is a month later. I have been home for a while, and I took a little trip through Arizona and Utah. 


I'll never be done processing.

I wasn't ready to leave. Working with the kids, meeting Scott, all of the connections I made. It made for a more meaningful trip. Hmm. Maybe not more meaningful. Deeper.

I think it is cliche (and somewhat annoying) to say things like "This was a life changing trip for me." I am still the same person as I was before I went. But maybe my eyes were opened a little bit more. I listen to people here in the States whine and complain, and I notice it more. I see the knee-jerk cynicism in our culture and I can't help but compare it to how happy the Cambodian culture seems, even in the most dire circumstances. I bristle at this a bit. I don't want to come off as sounding holier-than-thou or judgmental. We all have our own lives to lead. But the lesson I learned is that we are incredibly lucky. We should try to help out, if we have the means or the inclination to do so. But we should also try to remember just how well off we are. And to be thankful for that.

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What follows is a collection of photos from Phnom Penh. Stuff that seemed too good to toss out but didn't quite find a home elsewhere.

Badminton in front of the Royal Palace.

The National Museum.

This was the last photo I processed. A Garuda, the god of wisdom. Somehow appropriate. Am I wiser?

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