Deservedly so, the Ahu and Moai are the most common images that we see of Easter Island. Below are a series of photos that how what it is like on the island when you aren't staring slack jawed at the amazing archaeological sights.

Puppies. In case you need a puppy break they are in ready supply. Watch out for fleas....

Typical coastline. The barren nature of the island makes planning easy. Above we see a rainstorm over the beach at Anakena. With the weather so visible,  you can chart your movements around the island accordingly.

Graveyard outside of Hanga Roa, Ahu Ko Te Riku visible in the distance on the right.

The independence movement. There wasn't a lot going on here.

Volleyball, with guitar accompaniment. I was invited to play, but declined on grounds of complete lack of ability.

Fire station and fire dog.